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Currently, 3-5% of the world population is affected by autoimmune diseases.1,2 Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA)-associated Vasculitis (AAV) is a group of rare, but life-threatening autoimmune diseases characterized by tissue inflammation causing necrosis (death) of blood vessels.3-5



Insufficient oxygen

Tissue death

There is a high unmet need in the current immunosuppressive treatments of AAV:

10-30% of the patients do not respond to the current drugs.6

50% of the patients have disease relapses after 5 years despite the immunosuppression.6

The treatment-related toxicity contributes to morbidity and disabilities.6

Multimorbidity, caused by the treatment-related toxicity, increases the healthcare expenditures.7


To overcome the shortcomings of the current therapies against ANCA-associated vasculitis, we designed !MPACT: a Modular and Personalized Autoimmune Cell Therapy.

A novel therapy for AAV, where immune cells of the patient will be harvested, genetically modified, and multiplied, after which the engineered cells will be injected back into the patient. This cell therapy will fight the inflammation upon activation of the cell by the disease marker ANCA.


Fewer burdensome side effects, by a patient-specific treatment that acts locally in the body.

The early detection of disease markers and activation of the therapy will intervene relapses early on. This way, the disease relapse is prevented before it gets problematic.

Reduce healthcare workloads, by preventing further health damage and multimorbidity caused by AAV and its current treatments.

!MPACT is innovative and powerful since its therapeutic effect is personalized to the patient and !MPACT can detect and intervene disease relapses early on. This greatly contributes to the patient’s quality of life and it reduces the high healthcare expenditures and workloads.

With !MPACT we strive to innovate autoimmune disease therapies. We hereby built towards a more healthy future.

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