Current Project

Project 2023

Last February, the iGEM 2023 team started with the development of a new iGEM project for the TU/e. After a number of brainstorm sessions with the team, a start was made on the design of the new project.

In the project E.coli will be used to create cyborg cells. Genetically modified living cells possess the unique advantage of being highly adaptable and versatile. 

These cyborg cells will be made by having the bacteria express elastin like proteins (ELPs). ELPs are relatively easily modifiable proteins with many desirable properties (biocompatibility and biodegradability) and they have many different applications. In this case, they will be used to form a hydrogel in the bacteria. This network will make the bacteria incapable of dividing, but essential functions like metabolism, motility and protein synthesis are kept.

We are currently looking into applications for this technique in the food industry or therapeutics.