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As team iGEM Eindhoven, we are present at different events throughout the year. Here you can find an overview of where we are present, what we have planned for the event, and if it is an open or closed event. We hope to see you, if possible!


Career Expo TU/e - ALTEN NetherlandsAlong with more than 180 other companies and student teams we will join the TU/e career expo on the 15th and 16th of March. The event will take place on the TU/e campus. If you’re interested in learning more about iGEM, come look for our stand and we can hopefully enthuse about synthetic biology and tell you all about our student team!

On Friday the 18th of March there is an iGEM recruitment event. This will be in the form of a lunch lecture and will take place from 12:30-13:15 in Helix STW 0.52. We will give a small presentation with all the information about joining our student team, afterwards there is some time to ask questions and talk with the current team members one on one. Hope to see you Friday!


Future events

23/06Grand finale TU/e contest
08/07Dutch iGEM meet-up event
23 – 25/08Tu/e Bachelor introduction week
14/9High School Challenge Day
18/10Mini Jamboree
23 – 26/10iGEM Giant jamboree

Previous events

14/06Sustainable Healthcare Challenge
21/05 Open day TU/e
16/05 Health Demo day
18/03 Recruitment lunch session
15 – 16/03 Career expo Wervingsdagen
09/03 TU/e Student Team Recruitment Event
16/02 iGEM recruitment Information meeting
04/11 – 14/11 iGEM Giant Jamboree
25/10  iGEM Mini Benelux Jamboree – (Poster) Presentation
16/09 Netherlands Biotechnology Congress – (Poster) Presentation
10/09  Sustainable Health Challenge – Pitchen
31/08 – 02/09  TU/e Master Kick-off, stand on the Campus
23-27/08  TU/e Bachelor Introduction Week, stand on the Campus
10/08  Project Presentation iGEM 2021 Team to old Teams
09-10/03  Career Expo Wervingdagen
01/03 – 12/05 TU/e Contest
24/06  Project Presentation at the Karzerne – EHV Innovation Café
02/07 Online Meet-up of all Dutch iGEM Teams

* Although not stated, if events where on location corona precautions where taking in to account and corona guidelines where strickedly followed.