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We are looking for new members for Team iGEM 2024! 

Are you interested in joining a multidisciplinary team, improving your soft skills, and giving life to a project in synthetic biology to tackle a worldwide problem? In other worlds: do you want to present the TU/e at the Grand Jamboree 2024 of the international Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition in Paris?  

At the start of 2024, a completely new team will be formed to become the iGEM TU Eindhoven 2024 team that will work together on a fantastic project using Synthetic biology! 

Interested? Send an email to

Here you find an overview of the possible functions within the iGEM team. This, however, is only an indication. It is up to each team how to divide and define the roles.  

Team manager 

The team manager is the leader of the team and the project. This person keeps track of all parts of the project and the deadlines and keeps the bigger picture of the project in mind, making sure that all parts are connected. Besides, the team manager is the first point of contact for everyone within the team. 

Secretary and Public Relations 

The secretary is the first point of contact for everyone outside the team and takes care of making the minutes during meetings. Together with Public Relations, this person has the overall goal to make iGEM TU Eindhoven more well-known at the TU/e, in the iGEM community, and among the general public.  

Finance and Sponsoring  

This person is responsible for the administration of all costs made by the iGEM team. To be able to make these costs, this function includes the acquisition of sponsors and building strong and long-lasting relations with them. To achieve this, this person is responsible for presenting the iGEM project in the best possible way.  

Human Practices 

Human Practices is all about how the project influences the world and how the world influences the project. The HP manager engages will all kinds of stakeholders that are needed to implement the project in the real world in a safe and responsible way. In addition, this person maintains all the external relationships and reaches out to new partners relevant to the project. 


This person is concerned with the engagement with and education of different layers of the society about the project and synthetic biology in general. This will be achieved, by organizing events such as the Challenge Day. For this role, one should be creative in spreading a message in the best possible way to educate different target groups. 

Lab manager 

The lab manager takes care of all work that has to be performed in the lab: planning experiments, preparing protocols, performing experiments, and keeping track of lab journals and results. A lab manager should be enthusiastic about biochemical processes, proteins, and chemical biology. 


Besides the lab work, a model should be developed that supports and engages the project and its biological system. Within the project, modeling can be used to gain insights into how the system works or how it should be implemented in the real world.  

Wiki & Website 

The main deliverable for the iGEM competition is the wiki. The wiki is a website that will contain all information about the iGEM project and is the platform to present your project to the judges. It completely needs to be designed and developed in the best way such that all judges will be impressed by the project. Besides, the iGEM TU/e website must be maintained. 


The designer is responsible for the identity of the team by producing cohesive visual work, for example flyers, presentations, posters, logos and many more. Strong designs should be made that convey the project in a clear and impressive way. The challenge is to translate the ideas of your team members from other disciplines into understandable and appealing visuals for the common public.