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For Team iGEM 2022, we are still looking for new members.

Are you interested in joining a multidisciplinary team, improving your soft skills, and giving life to a project in synthetic biology to tackle an everyday issue in the world? In other words: will you represent the TU/e at the giant jamboree of the 2022 international Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition in Paris? After the successful run of the 2021 TU/e iGEM team, a fresh team of socially aware (biochemical) lab enthusiasts, modellers, programmers, designers and fundraisers will be formed and YOU can become part of it! 

At the beginning of the year, a completely new team will be formed to become the iGEM Eindhoven 2022 team. The first few months (February, March and April) and the last two months of 2022 will be mostly part-time work  while the rest of the time you will work together on your fantastic project on a full-time basis.

Interested? Send your contact information and we will contact you.

To give you more insight into the possible functions within the iGEM team, we have listed the different functions with a short description. However, these roles are only an indication. It is up to each team to divide the definitive roles.Besides, it is a team’s effort, everyone takes part in multiple areas of the project to help each other out. 

Team Manager

Each team needs a team manager, so also iGEM. Within the iGEM team, the team manager is the leader of the team and will plan and lead the team meetings. Furthermore, he or she is the first point of contact for everyone within and outside of the team. The iGEM team needs a team manager whois punctual, strict on the agreements,  preponderance, keeps track of every aspect of the project, and keeps the bigger picture in mind. 


Each team also needs a secretary which can support the team manager.  As a secretary, you mostly take care of making the minutes during the team meetings and checking the iGEM email. These are not grand tasks and therefore easy to combine with another function, e.g. PR or human practices.  As a secretary, you need to be organized and it is helpful to be fluent in spoken and written English as well as in Dutch.

PR (Public relations) and Communications

Another function that cannot be missed in a team is public relations (PR). With the function PR, your overall goal is to make iGEM Eindhoven more known in the TU/e community, synthetic biology world, and within the whole iGEM community.  Therefore, you take care of the social media accounts; Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram, and communicate with other (iGEM) teams. It is very helpful to be fluent in spoken and written English, as well as in Dutch. 

Finance Manager & Sponsor Coordinator

The last common role in each team  is the finance manager and sponsor coordinator. As a finance manager, you are responsible to administer all the costs that are made by the iGEM team. It is a big responsibility, therefore you need to have a good administration and be organized. It is helpful to have some experience with finance but absolutely not necessary. Most of the teams combine this role with the function of sponsor coordinator since there is much overlap between these functions. As the sponsor coordinator, you need to have enough knowledge about the project to know which companies you have to target. Furthermore, you should be creative in selling the iGEM project to companies 

Lab Captain

Most of the research of the iGEM project is lab work, therefore lab captains cannot be missed with the iGEM team. As a lab captain, you take care of all the work that has to be done in the lab, so you take care of the materials needed for experiments and/or measurements. Furthermore, you make protocols for other team members to perform the experiments. At last, you are responsible to keep track of all lab journals, results and follow-up experiments and discuss this with the group and the supervisors. Lab captains need to have knowledge about biochemical processes, proteins, and chemical biology, so you know what you are doing and can come up with your own solutions to problems. You should be enthusiastic about lab work and you should not mind working long hours in the lab. Working precisely is a quality that comes in handy since you work with very small amounts of substances. Lastly, it is helpful to already have some lab experience beforehand. 

Modelling Captain

All biomedical ideas from the lab captain are great, but before and besides performing them in the lab modelling is needed to predict and analyse the biochemical reactions. As modelling captain, you should be proficient in MATLAB and/or Python, preferably both. Other programming languages such as R might also be useful. Next to a good basis in programming, the skills necessary can vary a lot, depending on the project that is chosen. A biomedical background is not obligated but will help in understanding the complete picture of the project and the models necessary within it. Since modelling of biochemical reactions will almost always be a must for an iGEM project, it is strongly recommended to have passed the course 8CM00 Systems Medicine (and preceding Computational Biology courses).

Human Practices Captain

An important part of iGEM is the Human Practices. This consists of two parts: Integrated Human Practices and Education & Engagement. Integrated Human Practices is about how your project affects the world and how the world affects your project. It is important to talk to all kinds of stakeholders to confirm your thoughts about your project and to integrate their feedback into the project. Education & Engagement is a bit broader than this. This part is about educating and engaging the public. This can be done in close relation to your own project, but you can also take a broader subject than just your own project. In the 2019 iGEM project, for example, they worked with bacteriophages as tools for detecting bacterial infections, but for Education & Engagement, they looked with a broader view on how bacteriophages could help to combat antimicrobial resistance. Therefore, as a Human Practices captain, you should be able to lead meetings and have a general overview of the different aspects of Human Practices. Therefore, it is very useful to work clearly and structured. Preferably, you are good at communication and you should not be afraid to talk to stakeholders.

Wiki & Website Captain

As wiki and website captain, you have to take care of the iGEM site and the wiki. The iGEM website is an obligation for the TU/e, to show what the iGEM team is and does. You start with the website from the basis of last year’s team. There will be one part containing an overview of the previous teams and projects and during your own iGEM project you add the information of your project. The wiki is the website where you show all the information about the iGEM project that has to be judged for the competition, and for all other teams (from the project description to all lab and modelling results). You need to completely design and make the wiki yourself. As wiki and website captain, it is helpful to have some experience in HTML and WordPress, but this is not obligatory, as long as you eager to learn these skills¬†


As a designer, you are responsible for the images on the wiki, the iGEM logo, and poster and presentation designs. Therefore, it is helpful to have some experience with Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe InDesign or to be interested in learning to work with these programs. Furthermore, some creativity and perfectionism will also be handy. 

Still interested? Send your contact information, before the 1st of November, and we will contact you!