Team 2012

Meet iGEM TU Eindhoven 2012!

Team members

Petra Alkema – student Biomedical Engineering – modelling team

‘Interested in modeling, longing for perfection and curious about the processes in the human body.’ Hopefully these characteristics will help Petra to design the calcium model in yeast for this iGEM team. Due to her interest for computer science, she will start the master program Biomedical Engineering, BioModeling and BioInformatics in September.

Moniek de Backer – student Biomedical Engineering – lab team, funding

During her bachelor, Moniek develops her interest in extracurricular activities. Joining the iGEM team was an unique opportunity to do some exclusive research with a multidisciplinary team. She wants to develop some more lab experience and is also responsible for PR and sponsoring.

Caroline Balemans – student Mechanical Engineering – modelling team, outreach

During her minor at Biomedical Engineering, she discovered the iGEM project and decided to join the team. She made the first simplified calcium model for the project. Besides studying, she participates in different student boards and committees.

Maaike van den Boomen – student Biomedical Engineering – lab team, team leader

To keep all her interests together, Maaike has chosen for the bachelor ‘Biomedical Engineering’. The unique combination of the medical, chemical, mathematical and technical subjects of this study created an almost complete picture for her. The management part is the only thing missing in this study. By taking part in a consulting board and committees this interest got also filled in. For iGEM Eindhoven she is member of the lab team and she also manages the communication between the different sub teams.

Marijke Dermois – student Biomedical Engineering – modelling team, outreach

As she has always been interested in extracurricular activities, Marijke decided to join the Eindhoven iGEM team after a year as a board member of the Biomedical Engineering study association. Although modeling is her key interest, she will also help the team in other activities such as outreach and general design.

Pien Koopmans – student Biomedical Engineering – lab team, funding

During her bachelor, she is trying to find out what she wants to do in her master. iGEM is a nice way to get some lab experience. It is also a nice way to work in a multidisciplinary team on a subject that is our own.

Jody Lugger – student Chemical Engineering – lab team, device team

Already studying chemistry for 10 years, he is the old guy of the team. Jody joined the iGEM team to experience what synthetic biology is all about and to further expand his multidisciplinary work experience. Because of his critical attitude and creative suggestions he has been a valuable team member throughout the various parts of the project. Although his initial interest was in the modeling part of the project, his final contributions are mainly dedicated towards the practical aspects of the lab-team. His main contributions, including to cause the occasional stir within the team, are in the device manufacturing; project goal/direction and lab work.

Christiaan Peppenster – student Biomedical Engineering – device team

Always interested in programming and websites, Christiaan decided to join to the iGEM team to get a taste of the working relationship between programmers and lab workers. He will take on the team website, test device and device software.

Jurgen Schill – student Biomedical Engineering – lab team

Considering multiple participations in projects about prokaryotic cell culture and design, Jurgen’s interest evolved towards a project with eukaryotic cells. Joining the iGEM competition, using yeast, was therefore a multidisciplinary step to learn more about eukaryotic system biology. During the iGEM project, Jurgen will, not surprisingly, be part of the lab team.

Nick van der Veeken – student Biomedical Engineering – lab team

With a background in LEGO®, programming and biomedical engineering it was no surprise to find Nick joining the iGEM competition to learn more about synthetic biology. The international atmosphere of the competition also resembles his earlier volunteer work at the Board of European Students of Technology, an international network of students of engineering that organizes exchanges and summer courses on hot topics in technology.