Team 2013

Meet iGEM TU Eindhoven 2013!

Team members

ArdjanArdjan – Lab, Captain, Lab Lad

Currently I am partaking in the second year of my bachelor Biomedical Technology here at the TU/e. Whilst I thoroughly enjoy my courses I am always looking to do more and to put my theory into practice. The iGEM competition gave me the perfect opportunity to do this, allowing me to spend time working on research of my own choosing, and giving me the chance to spend time in the lab. Outside the university I spend my time keeping up with my favorite TV shows or, weather permitting, on the road bike.



PascalPascal – Modeling, Captain, Wiki Wizard

I am a bachelor student in Biomedical Engineering at the TU/e. Classes in biochemistry and the molecular biology of the cell raised my interest in synthetic biology. Since the field is relatively new there is a vast range of possibilities for research in synthetic biology. By competing in the iGEM competition I hope to open doors to new opportunities using my Biomedical background. Furthermore it will be a big – though very interesting – challenge to set up a whole research. However, I am confident that with this great team of students we will be capable of doing great research!



ZandraZandra – Modeling, Modeling Magician, Wiki Minion

I am a Biomedical Engineering master student at the TU/e. I am originally from Mexico, but after finishing my bachelor on Biomedical Engineering there I decided to come to The Netherlands to continue with my studies and seek greater challenges. I love being involved in many things at the same time, the more the merrier, especially if they put my brains to the test! iGEM has definitely given me that extra something that I always enjoy, making me get involved not only in modeling and programming, which I really like, but also in the lab. When I am not busy with the iGEM or my master studies I like reading a good book and running, dancing or just keeping myself active.



NickNick – Lab, Correspondent of External Affairs, Human Practices

As a Biomedical Engineering student, I’m always interested in some complicated and interesting things. For me, the major reason to take part at the iGEM team of this year was doing research in a quite young field of science and engineering. Now I can bring the basic knowledge of theoretical courses into practice, which I think is nice and very usefull for a better understanding of the theory. I think iGEM is a nice opportunity to widen my horizon, improve my academical skills and to learn a lot about this interesting and emerging field of science.



YicongYicong – Modeling, Stochastics Sensei

I’m currently enrolled in master program Biomedical Engineering at TU/e. My bachelor was mechanical engineering. But I thought Biomedical engineering is a newly-emerged challenging area so I switched to it. It turns out to be a rewarding decision as I learned a lot from the lectures and I found many similarities in both engineering subjects. Now I would like to try some projects to get deeper understanding of engineering principles so I parcitipated in the iGEM team.



JacquesJacques – Lab, The ProtegĂ©, Joker

Finishing the third year of my bachelor in Biomedical Engineering at the TU/e I thought iGEM 2013 was the perfect project to do as my final project. Having been fascinated by the intracellular world since my first ever biology class, a synthetic biology competition seems like a logical sequel. By participating in the competition I hope to further improve my collaboration and lab skills. Next to that it’s just really fun to have your own little research group running.



SanderSander – Lab, SDS Sander

Since my enrollment as a Biomedical Engineering bachelor student at the TU/e, I have thoroughly enjoyed the wide range of subjects involved in this study. Being an extraordinary and internationally reknown challenge, participation in iGEM allows me to dive into the interesting discipline of Synthetic Biology, which I consider to continue for my Master’s. Furthermore, our iGEM project offers valuable opportunities to improve my lab skills, while also enabling me to learn about the entire pathway from fundamental research to functional clinical applications.